Chat Safety

Here are some chat safety tips that you should follow:

1) Age - Users should be at least 13. Room age requirements MUST be followed. Those violating this rule will be booted and reported to the proper authorities.

2) Be very careful - people online may not be who they say they are no matter how convincing they may sound. The reality is that online friends are really just strangers.

3) Do NOT give out any personal information (i.e where you live, your school, email address, picture, telephone number, etc) - you may end up being contacted by people you don't want. Make sure your profile in the forums or chat does not include any personal information.

4) Never arrange to meet someone offline, this can be very dangerous. If you must, then go accompanied (if you are under 18 by your parent or carer); and meet in a public place.

5) Report to a moderator or Admin if someone or something makes you worried or uncomfortable at this site.

Parents must take responsibility for their childs online computer usage. Try to find out what internet services (such as chatting and email) your child uses. Consider surfing with your children and make it fun for them. This will be a constructive way to spend more time with your children.

Please remember that chat rooms are only as safe as you make it!

Here are some common chat abbreviations you can use inside the chat rooms:

  • :) - smile
  • brb - be right back
  • lol - lots of laughs
  • :( - sad
Thanks and have fun!