Chat Etiquette

Here are some etiquette that you may want to follow. Although these are not rules that you MUST follow, they will help make everyones chat experience a fun one.

- Be respectful to other chat users. If someone is disrespectful to you, ignore them instead of arguing with them. Avoid the use of obscene language or attitudes which others may find offensive.
- When entering a new room, take a few minutes to get a feel for the climate of the room before jumping in. If you do not like users or the discussion of the room, you should leave.
- Use judgment when choosing your nickname. Avoid obscene and vulgar nicknames.
- You are not anonymous. Most chat rooms keep log files of all interactions. Remember that no chat is 100% private. They can forward the files to your Internet Service Provider who can pinpoint your location.
- Address other users by their nickname when chatting. It can get confusing for other users to identify who exactly you are talking to.
- Use caps only for emphasis. Capital letters is considered shouting, so this may be annoying to other users.
- Revealing personal information should be kept to a bare minimum.
- From time to time you may engage in argumentative discussion with other users. Please learn to "walk away" from such discussions as it should not be worth your time. Sometimes users are having a bad day and just like to pick "fights" with you over the chat.
- Respect and welcome all new users to the chat. Remember, you were once a "newbie".
- Most importantly, enjoy your time in the chat rooms and never take things too seriously. Chat etiquette is something we all should use.
Thanks and have fun!